It is time for a brand new release of the Games with Gold for December. If you haven’t heard of Games with Gold before. It is an initiative of Microsoft for all the gamers who have a premium Xbox Live subscription. Also referred to as Xbox Live Gold. Every month a new set of free to play games are coming out for the premium users. If you don’t have it make sure to get it as soon as possible. Because the new Free to play Gold Games again are exceeding the expectations.

Games with gold for Xbox One and Xbox one X

Below you will find all the games that available for December on the Xbox one (X). Our list from top to bottom is prioritizing on our expectations. The most promising games are at the top!

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

Warhammer End of Times Games with Gold

This game is available at the 1st of December until the last day of the month. In this survivor first person shooter game your city is almost at end, just like the rest of the world. Only you and a bunch of your friends can save your city from falling as their are big armies marching towards destruction. You will have to beat the most terrifying creates with your axe and special abilities. And, find more weapons throughout the game to slay your enemies! This is a co-op games which hold that you can save your city while team with your real life friends. One of the most important benefits that comes with this game is that it supports 4k Resolution gaming. Thus, if you have an Xbox one X or a regular Xbox one you should definitely try this game to check out the high detailed 4k graphics

Back to the future: The Game

back to the future games with gold

This game will be available for free from the 16th of December until the 15th of January. The people behind the Gold Games must of the tell tale games. In almost every release they include on tell tale game. In this game you will be taken back to the future, to solve mysteries. While you are there you shouldn’t do anything bad, that might alter the future. Be careful, you might just erase yourself from existing. In the story mode you will be held accountable for the decision you make. As the decisions will alter the story line in the game! Moreover, you can spend your time watching exclusive content like behind the scene videos.


Games with gold for Xbox 360

Still playing on the Xbox 360? Well, they have been so kind to include games for this console too. Again, we prioritized them!

Child of Eden

Child of Eden games with gold

The Child of Eden is the sequel of Rez and was developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. If you remember the Rez game. You will remember the awesome game play. In the game you will have to shoot at objects that appear in your screen. While you are in a magic environments with all kinds of sparkles and blisters. You must select the right objects to shoot in the universe. When you destroy the objects in the game magical sounds will fill your speakers! It is a great game to test your responsiveness. You can play it together with your friends and battle for the highest score!

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

Marlow Briggs and mask of death

If you are a great fan of hack and slash games this game is the deal. Marlow Briggs is arising back from the death with one big quest. Your girlfriend has been captured by the evil Heng Long. This is an archaeologist who uses his expertise to make sure that you will stay away from your objective. As you return form the Blink of Death you will be launched into masses of evil creatures that are standing in the way between you and your girlfriend. You will have to hack and slash your way all through the end.