The Bing Rewards System is a great tool offered to us by a trusted company where bing rewards you for the amount of visits you have done through their search engine. This is the best reward system available on the web, because you know it is legit. If you to receive a Xbox Live Gold Code by using this method, you will have to save up a total 579 Bing Reward Points. And this goes automatically but might take you a while. 

If you are not looking for a method that requires some work. Please visit our other method that will get you the trial for a one month free xbox live gold

Start Stacking Bing Reward Points:

  1. You will be rewarded with points by simply using the search console that is provided by Bing. For every two searches you do with the Bing search engine you will receive 2 reward points. Thus,  If you do 30 searches a day you will receive 15 points, which at the same time is the maximum amount of points you can get a day. On monday the amount is doubled and you can receive up too 30 credits.
  2. You can receive more credits by refferring a friend to follow the same program. Thus, if you have a few friends who also want a free subscription for xbox live you can refer them to Bing rewards and receive up to 500 points if they get up too the silver status. You can simply join up together and increase the amount of points with a simple trick. Working together!
  3. If you think the process of typing in keywords everyday is the lengthy, you can simply download a bot that will fill in theBing rewards for xbox words for you automatically. You can simply find it by searching for it on google, you’re favorite search engine. If you don’t want to use a bot you can type the keywords in manually. Repeat this process everyday.
  4. If you and your friends all use a bot and refer your accounts to one another, you will receive enough points to buy several 1 month xbox live gold codes.
  5. Don’t forget that you can create several accounts yourself as long as you get different mail adres. If they start getting track of your Ip adress you should get a vpn. This is simply another IP address that hides your own one for Bing.
  6. Thus, if you don’t have any friends or they are not interested. You simply create multiple accounts yourself and refer them to each other. Put the bot on all the accounts and stack your points. Eventually you will have enough points to buy multiple codes.

Create a bing account and claim your reward:

To start off you will have to create a Bing rewards account. If the link doesn’t work you can visit and if it’s available in your country a ‘reward’ button will show up in the right top navigation. Click on it and click start bing rewards to start earning credits. We must mention that this method isn’t available in every country. I know that it is working in the United States. For other countries you should just give it a try. If it doesn’t work you will receive the notication that it doesn’t work straight away. Thus, once you have created your account everything goes automatically. The nagivation on the right top will now show you the amount of points you have saved up by using the processes explained above and you will see your points increasing over day.  Once you stacked the right amount of points you can visit the redeem section. Here, you can choose from a wide range of products which also includes the xbox live 1 month code. Simply exchange the code for your free month of xbox live and enjoy! It might take you a few days buy eventually you don’t have to pay, which is pretty awesome. For more ways to get Free Xbox Live Gold go here!