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You are just one step away of joining our Xbox Giveaway. Remember, this is an automatic code distribition system. There is a chance that you won’t receive a code with this giveaway. Obviously, the chance for you to win is higher when you select a lower value card. Thus, the chances are higher when you select a 3 months XBL Code rather than a 12 months. If you are selected as the lucky winner, the code will appear directly in your screen. Afterwards, you can start redeeming it ┬áby logging into your Xbox Account on the console or by visiting the official website of Xbox. If you aren’t selected. You can follow the methods we offer in our guide. All the Xbox Live Gold Codes in our database where farmed using our own proven methods. Thus, even if you are not selected you can still get free access to the Xbox digital network. Moreover, if you weren’t selected today. Just come back tomorrow and try it again! Goodluck!

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