Are you already excited about the brand new gaming titles for February that comes with Games with gold for the Xbox? Probably you have already finished all the games that came out on January and now you are looking for an exciting new experience! Obviously, Microsoft has some exciting new gaming titles available for us to play for free in February. If you finish all the these games in February it will save you up to $70 dollars of games that you didn’t have to purchase. Because, they are available for free in February with games with gold!


Shadow warrior

Shadow warrior xbox one

In this free to play hack and slash, first person shooter ninja game you will be playing as Shogun Lo Wang. A superior ninja that was ordered to find the most powerful sword in the world, the legendary blade. During his quest for the legendary blade Shogun Lo Wang was deceived by his bosses with the idea that he would die against the evil forces. But you didn’t and you succeeded to find and own the legendary sword. But, what nobody knew is that the legendary sword is connected to evil demonic realms outside the human world. And due, to this connection evil demonic creatures have came to earth to cause death and despair! Now, it is up to you fix earth and slay all the evil creatures that are crossing your path! Are you ready to save the world of the vial creatures that are now crossing your domain? Show the world the type of ninja you are and finish this game before the end of the 28th of February. Only available for the Xbox One!

Regular Price: $29.99, now available for free!


Assasin’s Creed Chronicles: India

assasins creed india xbox one

We all know the Assassin’s Creed trilogy, where you wander in the world as an experienced stealthy assassin. With only on purpose in life: Bringing justice to those who deserve it. Within this version you are able to explore the rare landmarks of India. During the gameplay you will be astonished by the beautiful and detailed surrounding in which you jump walls, Crouch through alleys and climb buildings to murder your objectives with dagger and blade. Bring back that nostalgic feeling of playing an older Assassin’s creed version with Assasin’s Creed Chronicles: India. During the game you will find various secret rooms that will help you to unlock additional abilities and skills to become an even better assassin! Are you ready cross the lands of India? Make sure you play and finish this game before the 16th of Match. Released for free from the 16th of February.

Regular price: $9.99

Split Second

Are you looking for a racing game? Than, this little racing baby will make your day! This futuristic action racing game will bring you all the excitements of a well organized racing game combined with all kinds of traps and bombs that will prevent you from reaching the end! As the title indicates, this racing game requires you to think in a split second. You will be performing a race in a city where every single corner of the street has been wired with bombs and obstructions. Within a split second you will have to avoid being destroyed while blazing your way to the final destination! This game is available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 from the 1st until the 15 of February

Regular price: 19.99


Crazy Taxi

Have you always been dreaming of becoming an insane driving taxi driver? In this game, you will be put to the test. Within a very short and limited time frame you will have to drive your customers to the designated locations. As the crazy taxi driver you don’t have any intention to stick by law. You will take every single chance to make sure that your customer is delivered on time in order to receive your payment! Are you a good enough driver to please all your customers? Or are you simply to slow? Make sure to play Crazy Taxy before the 28th of February!

Regular price: $9.99

These were all the games released for February with Games with Gold. It is evident, that you will require a premium subscription in order to play these games for free. You can get a free xbox live gold code if you don’t have an active premium subscription!