Are you ready and set for the next set of Xbox Live Gold Games? Microsoft has selected a new exciting bundle, which will dazzle your expectations. For those who haven’t played on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 for a while. It might be time to clean up some dust and reconnect your console. Because, a great line up of new free to play Xbox Gold games is coming your way!

How to install the Xbox Live Gold Games?

Are you still wondering how to install the Xbox Gold Games? Than you are on the right spot today. Since this is our first post containing information about the upcoming Xbox Gold Games. We will explain the process to add them to your Xbox Live Gold account first.

There are three different ways you can install your Gold Games. While your logged into the Xbox 360, Xbox One or by visiting It’s a required to have a working internet connection, but this is stating the obvious.


Downloading free to play Xbox Gold Games on the Xbox One and 360.

If you are logged in on your Xbox Console. You can visit the Gold Area inside the menu that appears. This is usually the spot you visit when you want to buy new Xbox One Games with an awesome discount. However, this is also the location where the free to play Xbox Live Gold Games for October will appear. Every month, a new set of games will appear here, ready to download and install. Afterwards, you are able to play the games that were set up for the specific month.

If you rather install them by using your regular computer or laptop. You can log in on your Xbox account and simply repeat the exact same steps.

Are you ready for the Xbox games with the Gold Program?

Just to get you all excited about the new games. They carry a total value of $69 in total. Yes, I am not kidding today, by owning an Xbox Premium Gold Subscription you will get worth for your money. Moreover, the Gold games for October have a total Gamerscore of 3200! Now that you know some fact about the games. Let’s reveal the upcoming titles!


Gone Home: Console edition

Gone Home Games with Gold

In this game the main person in the storyline has returned back home after a one year trip abroad. But once you open the door, you realize your family his disappeared. And, they are nowhere to be found. In this interactive story telling games, you can unravel clues that are hidden throughout the house. To find out what happened to your precious family. The regular price for Gone Home is $19,99. But in the month October you won’t have to pay a single dime. Only available for the Xbox One.


The Turing Test

The Turing Test Games with Gold

In this First person Puzzler you can explore the great moon of Jupiter. As Eva Turring an international space agency engineer who uses her Energy Manipulation Tool (EMT) to discharge electricity from machines and relocate it to other devices to continue you in this great and mind cracking puzzling game. Will you be able to find out what happened to the moon of Jupiter? This game is available for free on the 16th of October until the next month of Xbox Gold Game. The Turing test holds a value of $19,99. Only available for the Xbox One.


Rayman 3 HD

Rayman 3 HD Games with Gold

This Exciting 3D Platform game transforms the nostalgic game experience of Rayman as we know it, to a new High Definition world. In this remastered version you can enjoy updated visuals and audio which brings more joy while you jump and fight the Hoodlums who are crossing your path towards victory!

Rayman 3 HD is available for the Xbox 360 and can be played on the Xbox One with backwards compatability. The game is available for download from the 1st of October and has a value of $9,99.


Medal of Honor: Airborne

medal of honor airborne Games with Gold

In this open environment First Person Shooter you will jump out of the plane entering the dazzling world of the Second World War. Decide where you want to land to capture the most important game objectives. Saving towns, cities and people from getting torn down and burned by the German army. Customize your weapons for better accuracy and damage to maintain your victorious position in the game. Sniping armies from rooftops and blowing up enemy buildings. With a great campaign and fun multiplayer online co-op modes. You can even complete the Second World War with one of your friends. A great first person shooter, available for free on the 16th of October. This game has a value of $19,99.


How to Xbox Live Gold Games?

You can unlock the Free to play games by getting an Xbox Live Gold Subscription. When you enable this premium subscription for the online network. The Gold Games are automatically added to your account and you can simply start installing them from the Gold Area in the main menu. If you don’t have online access yet. You can use one of our Legit and Working methods for Free Xbox Live Gold Codes! You can get a month free with the trial within hours. Or you can set-up a bot to get Xbox Live Gold for free, the rest of your life!

If by any chance you are thinking about purchasing a new console. It is always good to read your Xbox One X Review.