Create a new microsoft account:

In this second method we exploit a specific function that is offered by xbox itself. It’s not an actual hack, it’s more something like a smart trick you can use to play your games online on the Xbox for 1 month. Microsoft has been so kind to allow every new user to get a Free 1 Months Xbox Live Gold Trial. To start off you will have to create a new microsoft account. This is the same thing as an hotmail account. Thus, you simply go to and you click on “make on” which is just below the entries to log in an existing account. Fill in all the information required and create it. It might happen that hotmail asks for mobile phone verfication, if this happens you simply enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a random code on your telephone that can be entered to verify your new microsoft account.

 Log in on your Xbox Account

Now that you’ve created your new account you simply log into your Xbox with the newly created password and username. The Xbox will directly recognize the email as a new account. Configure all the settings you need to create a new xbox account. Once this pocess is finished the console will ask you whether you would like to try out a free month of xbox live gold. Simply click on yes. You do need to enter a payment method. Therefore, I would recommend to use your existing Paypal account or simply create another. enter the details as payment info and your account is ready to go. Don’t forget to unsign your account after you have signed up for the trial and remove the automatic payment in the billing section. As an automatic payment is automatically activated while using the free trial and you don’t want this to happen.


This method will get you a free month in just a few minutes of work. The only negative point about this method is that you will lose everything you have build up in the last month of gaming. Because if you reuse this method you will have to creat another new account which results in a reset. If you don’t mind the reset this is the perfect solution for you to play free games online for a lifetime. If you don’t like it you can atleast use the trial once. It saves you a one month payment.



If your account doesn’t automatically ask you to get the free trial, it might not be auto-enabled on your account. When this happens you should follow another track. Because once it’s not auto-enabled you can’t actually retrieve it somewhere else. Therefore you will need to contact the support staff of Xbox manually to ask them for your trial. If this happened to you simply follow the instruction on the video below and you will definitely succeed! Either way your reward will be the same, it’s just a little more work. If you already created your new account you don’t have to follow the instructions for it in the video. You can simply start with the part where you contact the support. You shouldn’t forget that every new user is allowed to start a free trial with Xbox so they will definity give it to you. After all they want you to stay with them! Go here for more working methods for free xbox live gold. We also have Bing for Xbox Live.