The New Xbox Project Scorpio Features!

Have you heard to term XBOX Scorpio already? It is Microsoft’s revision of the XBOX One and will probably launch later this year. It looks like it is going to be more than an easy remodel. It should be an upgrade on the current hardware as much as possible.

A statement from Microsoft said that the system’s running tech can do more than directly compete with the Playstation 4 Pro. It’ll be better! In this article we’ve looked for promised specs and interesting information about the Scorpio.


why named the Xbox Scorpio project?

It will be the new XBOX version of the XBOX One. The Scorpio will be built from the base console and be upgraded in every manner possible. There is no official name yet, therefore we’ll still call it Scorpio. It was unveiled by Microsoft at the E3 2016, but they didn’t say much about it..


What are the critical new features?

As was said on the E3 in June by Microsoft. The Console will play games at a 4K resolution, it’ll have VR support straight away. In order to give the console enough juice, it holds 6 teraflops of processing power and more than 320GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Is it compatible with Xbox One and 360 games?

It’s said that the Scorpio will be able to play Xbox One games, even it’ll we compatible with Xbox 360 games. We didn’t see any games running, however Digital Foundry did get a short look of one title being played on this new updated Xbox console!

Are new Xbox games released exclusively for scorpio?

This is not the case, Microsoft stated that they are not allowed, since they are aiming to keep everyone together. It is not a new generation of hardware, it’ll be a mid-cycle refresh.


The new gaming performance!

Yeah they will. With the new hardware the Xbox Scorpio Project will have more power and therefore run faster. The older games will get boosted so that it’ll run faster and smoother as well. It’ll do it for all games, so to recap, The performance of already known Xbox One games is drastically improved.

Oh, hey — what about Kinect?

It was said that on the Scorpio there is no Kinect port. The port arrangement of this console is based on the Xbox One S. This had a dedicated peripheral input. Additionally, Microsoft won’t give out free USB adapters for Kinect owners anymore. So it seems that the Kinect is on the decline to being obsolete.

Sad. OK, let’s talk hardware specs: Give me the nitty-gritty.

Hardware specs, they seem promising. The GPU has eight custom x86 cores, which will be clocked at 2,3 GHz. It’s 40 Radeon compute units will be able to run at 1172MHz. Another spec which is impressing, it has a 12GB GDDR5 memory and has a 1TB 2.5 inch harddrive. Additionally it’ll have a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive.


Its an Xbox One on steroids!

Yeah it is. However there are some differences, for example, the Scorpio will include Dolby Atmos support. However all existing Xbox One consoles will also be upgraded with that feature.


COmparions Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro

Microsoft has said that the Scorpio will be much better than the PlayStation 4 Pro. Altogether, The Xbox Scorpio has way more advanced hardware that will allow you to process and play games with a much higher performance. This can lead to higher quality games for the Xbox Scorpio compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Previously, we were running on speculations, however now we have some actual specs which will be showed below in comparison with the PS4 Pro’s capabilities.


Hardware Components of Xbox Scorpio vs PS4

Xbox Scorpio Features:

  • Eight Cpu Cores with 2.3 GHz.
  • The GPU has 40 custimized unites at 1172 mhz
  • 12 RAM of DDR5
  • Bandwith of 326GB
  • 1TB Hard drive

PS4 Pro Features:

  • Eight core processor with 2.1 GHZ
  • The GPU has 36 customized units at 911 MHz.
  • 8 RAM of DDR5
  • Bandwith of 218GB
  • TB Hard Drive

In short, the Scorpio will have a faster CPU, more memory, more bandwidth and even a 4-K optical drive. The only thing they match on would be the hard drive capabilities.

What is unique anout the PS4 Pro compared to Scorpio.

We can’t say this for sure at this point of time. Since it hasn’t been officially released yet.


How much will you pay for Scorpio?

We still didn’t get an official statement about pricing from Microsoft. However from what we’ve learned on the specs we have come up with an estimate. We have found that $499 seems like a reasonable price. For sure it’ll be more expensive than the PS4 Pro.

Currently the PS4 Pro is $100 less expensive than the $499 mentioned before. Microsoft did warn Sony on how the competition will be when released. The cost difference can be of advantage.


The Xbox Scorpio estimated price: $499

We’ve just estimated this price, don’t pin us down on it. However, we can say that for sure it’ll cost more than most consoles. This is logical since it also can do more than most consoles. It might be that the price will be more competitive compared to the PS4 Pro, however do save up a bit..


Release date of the official Price!

Expected is that Microsoft will come with more details on the E3 of 2017. They will hold a press conference in mid-June.


Release date of Xbox Scorpio!

We’re not sure yet. However we expect it to be on a holiday in 2017, probably six months away.

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