The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Xbox One X will be released on the 7th of November. The Xbox One X is the newer and better version of the Xbox One and contains promising new hardware upgrades. Microsoft themselves are marketing it as the most powerful console that has existed so far. With 40% more power than any other console, including the PlayStation 4 Pro. Today, we will find out whether you should start jumping into your car, racing the closest gaming shop to buy this new piece of hardware or whether it is all false! 

The Xbox One X has been available for pre-order and will be filling the shelves tomorrow. So right before the game is released. You might want to know whether this new Xbox Console is worth your hard earned money. At first, you should remind that the Xbox One X isn’t a new generation console. It is simply the older version packed with some new hardware. Just like that Playstation 4 got turned into the Playstation 4 Pro. With this said, we do expect some very high gaming performance combined with awesome visual performance. Since Microsoft has been bragging about the insane power of their unique result of the Scorpio project. Remember it? This is the outcome. Let’s find out if rumors are true!

Xbox One X Specs:

Since Microsoft is emphasizing the enormous hardware power of the Xbox One X let’s dig into the facts and see what kind of gear this new baby has for us. Just by the first look of the Xbox One X specs we see that the new hardware has been improved considerably compared to its former version. But also compared to any of its competitors. Which is the PlayStation 4 Pro. The huge performance boost is explained by the increase of gamers who buy a High Definition 4K television. Even though the 4K television isn’t the standard yet. It is expected to become the new standard in the near future. Since 4k Televisions require 4 times the amount of pixels compared to a regular High definition TV the hardware will come in handy! Microsoft hasn’t been lying when they mentioned that this new console is 40% more powerful than any console around at the time! Both the improved CPU, GPU and RAM will make sure that this console will beat any PlayStation 4 Pro Game on a 4K screen!

Processor: AMD Quad-core CPu 2.3 Ghz


GPU: 6 teraflop

Harddrive: 1TB – unknown speed

Supports: AMD freesync, HDR10 and Surround systems.

Xbox One X - Scorpio project Release date

Xbox One X performance: 4K, Visual and FPS

So we know that the brand new Xbox console is far ahead of all of its competitors when it comes to performance. But, how is the Xbox One X performance translated towards the gaming experience. It doesn’t matter how well your hardware is, as long as the experience sucks, it doesn’t add value. So, let’s find out how the performance affects the gaming experience! If you are fund of gaming you might have noticed that some of the new games aren’t running as smoothly on the gaming consoles as they do on the computer. The reasoning behind this phenomena is that the console usually caps the frame rate at 30 FPS. Even though the human eye can’t witness anything that is above the 30 FPS. It doesn’t leave enough power for the console to stay persistent in its frame-rate. Resulting in a FPS drop in the challenging visual scenarios included in some of the newest games. With this awesome new hardware you are assured that you can play your old games without the lagg and stutters that you hate. I don’t say this happens with every game, but especially with games like Battle Royale Fortnite with long render distances the improved performance is a great thing to have. The new Performance Mode enables the developers to implement a 60 frames per second cap and it even leaves some room for additional shadow effects and the implementation of new engines to make sure that your games will run smoother with way better graphics than before! Thus, games that run under performance mode have advanced graphics which are comparable to Maximized Desktop Graphics!

The performance boost you receive for older games is nice to have. But I don’t think it will convince many gamers to purchase a brand new console. Money isn’t unlimited and therefore real value must be added. The Xbox One X adds this value mostly in its great compatibility with High definition 4K Televisions. Experts who have tested the new games with 4K Resolution referred to it as “pure eye candy”! When you plugin your Xbox One X to a 4K television you will experience visual effects and sharpness that you haven’t witnessed before. The experts mentioned the visual revolution in the world of 4K Gaming. However, in order to witness this new revolution. You do need a High Definition 4K Television, which isn’t the cheapest product around on the market. In the future, they expect the prices to drop quickly. But for now, it’s still quite expensive.

Xbox One X Price:

People can now pre-order the Xbox One X for $499. If you are an European you can receive it for 499 euro’s. Don’t forget that if you haven’t pre-ordered this console yet. You can start buying it in the regular gaming shops by tomorrow! Because the Xbox One X is released on the 7th of November!


We can conclude that new specs that come with this brand new innovating Xbox Console are a great improvement compared to the Xbox One. Even when we compare the specs with the competitors the new console positions itself #1. But is this console really worth the new purchase? Or, should you simply wait for the new generation to come out. This question can be answered pretty straight forward. If you are the proud owner of a 4K television. Jump in your car, run into the gaming store and purchase this gaming monster! If you don’t have a 4K television and you don’t want to buy one. Please, just stick to your older version and wait until you can afford the 4K television. This new console is focussed on the 4K gaming. If you don’t have the equipment to support it. Your better of with your old console! If you are in need of an Xbox Live Gold membership. You can use one of our working methods to get a Free Xbox Live Gold Code!